Monday, November 23, 2015

Through Faith, Hope and Love Community Outreach we love to explore topics that combat socialism, education, and most importantly the community. As a community-based organization our goal is to bridge the gap between education amongst inner city youth and allowing the community to become accountable as we enlighten everyone on the importance of a child's future in America as it stands. No we're not political but were practical... Many may ignore how important education is to a child whose growing up in a society full of chaotic political figures, no father's in the home, dysfuntionalism, and abandonment issues  all wrapped into one. With, FHL we try to provide a safe haven for troubled youth who need extra help academically as well as provide outlets to journal negativity into more positive roles that can be expressed through workshops, group discussions, writing, poetry, and  the performing arts.  Our programs are aligned to meet the District of Columbia's  Common Core State Standards Intiative in the public school sector.  We believe the more  we channel a child's brain to effective learning styles the more interesting learning becomes. We offer Mentoring through Youth Leadership, Counseling on Life Skills, College Readiness, Workforce Development, and Financial Literacy each and every Wednesday at the William O. Lockridge/Bellevue Neighborhood Library for youth ages 8-21.
Assessments are required to monitor the success of each child as well as  staff to parent intervention, all parties should be engaged in the development of a child's future. The no child left behind act is why we care and found it imperative to become involved. As, the founder I saw the adversity first hand with children, the anger, rage, and hurt in their eyes as an employee of one of the nations top transit systems located in Washington, DC and it literally broke my heart to listen to countless stories of pain and neglect. I knew I couldn't do this alone and I needed to become fully aware of the risk being taken in trying to help; I was ready for the challenge and so are those on board with me. Founded in 2012 we began outreaching by hosting small intimate events and getting the community involved as much as we could knowing the need was much greater, now in 2015 we are available as a resource to furthering your child's education as well as an organization who provides dress clothing to woman in transition by partnering with "Suited for Change". We want all to know we are dedicated and here to stay and determine for change as we expand to new heights and territories in 2016.