Thursday, December 17, 2015

Must Read!!! Becoming Bold with Confidence....
Here I am a 39 year old entrepreneur/full-time employee for a major transit company with big dreams and little savings. A few months ago I took a leap into carrying out my dream of a full-time self-employed community activist & philanthropist, I'm thinking how much bondage I'm in to my employer, how much burden I'm causing myself with restless nights and migraine headaches, I had enough & nothing or no one could stop me (Not even God) so I walked in my job without a second look & said I quit!!! Here it is I've made between 70,000 to 75,000 thousand in not even an entire year as of yet, yet in still I became miserable & taunted at my dream of becoming who GOD ordained me to be. So I made up my mind to be free from the pain and agony of working long hours and hardly basking in my brand new home which I just purchased. See for me I was bold with confidence!!! In life you'll have hurdles, battles, trials, & many testimonies. No I don't advocate quitting your job please by all means don't hold me to it but in order to explore what's out there for you yes you & you alone you have to seek & try, never doubting (Of course I did) but knowing greater is waiting for me. Trust me I've experienced some very dark days, cried many nights of how my bills would get paid, how can the nonprofit move forward without funding, will the lights stay on, etc.....My family was guessing what's going on all while questioning me on every end and still I remain neutral never allowing anyone to know yes I'm freeing myself from my employer but I'm also walking into something so great it's beyond what I could imagine. I begin to open my heart to feeling vulnerable, scared, becoming pestimistic all in one. See for years I was the female who would start a project but never finished, I would walk away from anything that was un-comfortable to my mental but this time I have hope, I can laugh at my days to come yes my money is funny but in weeks to come I'll finally complete part of my task and begin my new journey. Moral to my story: Its quite okay to be bold with confidence only the strong will survive & I am dedicated to the youth & hearts of the community. Don't ever give up on your hopes & dreams, dreams don't become reality until you live it.
Signed Yours Truly,
Ms. Shameka Taylor